2012 Submissions

2010 Submissions

Pants on the Ground- CollabRMX Miscellaneous Song
[LC] -Dark Samhain Miscellaneous Song
[LC] -Futher Than Distance Ambient Song
[LC] -Extinction Clinic Miscellaneous Song
[LC] -Corrupt Contagion Trance Song
[LC] -Flying Underground Trance Song
[LC] -Welcome to Metropolis Drum N Bass Song
[LC] -Conquering The Summit Classical Song
[LC] -Wave of Thoughts Classical Song
[LC] -Entering The Demon World Ambient Song
[LC] -Gothic Empress Ambient Song
[LC] -Overlooked Memories Trance Song
[LC] -Suburb Paradise Hip Hop - Modern Song
[LC] -Rough Edges (Remastered) New Wave Song
[LC] -Turning Base Drum N Bass Song
[LC] -Cultered Agreement Techno Song
[LC] -Reloading Sacrifice Drum N Bass Song
[LC] -Mainframe Domain Trance Song
[LC] -Stylization Trance Song
[LC] -How it's Made (Remix) Techno Song
[LC] -Exploration Dive Trance Song
[LC] -Extracted Realms Trance Song
[LC] -Dark Faction Industrial Song
[LC] -Progressed Life Ambient Song
[LC] -Can't Touch This RMX Dance Song
[LC] -Red Virus Classical Song
[LC] -HellGrounds Drum N Bass Song
[LC] -HellGrounds (Terror mix) Dance Song
[LC] -Creeps in the Shadows Dance Song
[LC] -Tell it how it is Dance Song
[LC] - Resistance Faction Techno Song
[LC] -Chrome Tech Trance Song
[LC] -Mercury Drop Trance Song
[LC] - Faulty Apparatus Drum N Bass Song
[LC] -Shaded Club Dance Song
[LC] -Red Transparency Techno Song
[LC] -Sky Shift (Remix) Trance Song
[LC] -Audio Meltdown Dance Song
[LoudCore] -Idealistic (Remix) Dance Song
[LoudCore] -Recycled Thoughts Classical Song
[LoudCore] -Mechanical Failure Dance Song
LoudCore - Rough Edges Industrial Song
One Must Fall (Menu Remix) Techno Song
[EB]- Final Discovery (Demo) Miscellaneous Song
[EB]- Rival World (unfinished) Drum N Bass Song

2008 Submissions

[EB] -FareWell (last song :-( Ambient Song
[EB] -Absent District Drum N Bass Song
[EB] -Awaiting Liberation Drum N Bass Song
[EB] -Whispers Underground Dance Song
[EB] -Tortured Chamber Industrial Song
[EB] -Alarm Sector Dance Song
[EB] -Blissful Fate Trance Song
[EB] -Recreation Of Hope Drum N Bass Song
[EB] -Independent Solution Classical Song
[EB] -Dreamed Paradise General Rock Song
[EB] -Lock It Down Dance Song
[EB] -Hyper Chamber Techno Song
[EB] -Industrial Conspiracy Dance Song
[EB] -Unheard Shout Dance Song
[EB] -Ended Battle Dance Song
[EB] -Silent Notice Hip Hop - Modern Song
[EB] -Obscure Possibility Drum N Bass Song
City Impact Hip Hop - Modern Song
[EB] -Garage Rocker Heavy Metal Song
[EB] -The Machines Dance Song
Sonic CD (JP) Remix Video Game Song
Sky Shift Techno Song
Scene Of War Video Game Song
Imaged Atmosphere Ambient Song
Highway Storm Drum N Bass Song
Sonar Check Hip Hop - Modern Song
Cosmic Panic (beta) R&B Song
Station of Depression Ambient Song
Death Comes Alive Ambient Song
Just Business (EB REMIX) Hip Hop - Modern Song
No Return (Hard Drum Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Inside The Minds Ambient Song
Path of Imagination Dance Song
Inspirational Thought Techno Song
Realizing the Truth Trance Song
When It Rises Above Dance Song
Adrenaline Fuel Dance Song
John Jacob Jingle-- (Remix) Trance Song
Sonic3- Ice Cap Rock Dance Mix Dance Song
Murder Death Kill Heavy Metal Song
Self-Creating Underworld Drum N Bass Song
Turbo Rush Trance Song
No Return Drum N Bass Song
After The Beginning Techno Song
In The Fire Industrial Song
Rig and Shake Dance Song
In The Movies Techno Song