2009-09-06 16:09:04 by ElectricalBypass

I have been getting a lot of odd questions lately in my Inbox (keep them coming also :P)
Normally, I don't have time to answer them so I will answer them in this post.

Q: What 3 game companies would you want to work at?
1. Genki
2. Free Radical Design (Crytek UK)
3. Ubisoft of America
(and some others I don't remember)

Q: What 3 things that you do that involve game development?
1. 3D animation
2. Music
3. Minor Programming

Q: Have you ever been offered to do some type of work for an another company?
Yes of course. But, sometimes it sucks because they ask me to do something, then it finds out that I am under aged to to be doing work for them.

Q: Why do you like that stuff?
Because, I think it's fun :P


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2009-09-06 16:10:29

facks ? do you mean liek mudkips?